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CRStar Insights


AJCC Basis and Impact on Reports

Cancer & Breast Program Maintenance Screens

Combining Patients

CRStar Best Practices: A Training Guide for New Users

Disease ID for AJCC Staging (8th Edition)

Entering Non-Reportable Cases

Extranodal Lymphomas

Interactive Edits

Mouseless Navigation and Hot Keys

New Survivorship Care Plan Templates

QA Form

Print Abstract Full Version

Rapid Abstract

Rectal Program Maintenance Screen

SEER Drug & Regimen Lookups & Treating Physician Fields

V22 Software Update



2021 RCRS Submissions

Clearing Selected Populations

CoC Quality of Care Measures

Cross Tab – Recurrence Type

Data Completeness Report QA

Field Index Numbers – Illustrated List

Field Index Numbers – Excel List

Marketing Cancer Registry Data

NAACCR Abbreviations and Reporting

Pulling Cancer Conference Data Utilizing Cross Tabs

RQRS Selection and Export

Select a Population for a Suspense Report

Selecting Cases for Quality Control Standard 6.1

Selecting Shared Cases in a Multi-Hospital System

Splitting Report Fields in Excel

Using the Correct Date in Reports

Using Limiting Values in a List Pop Report

Using Scrolling Field Index Numbers

Utilizing Reports for Cancer Awareness Months

Utilizing Report Labels for Report Requests


System Admin

CRStar Audit Trails

Duplicate Case Data Validation Report & Combining Duplicates

Import Configuration Features

Import Reports

Security Maintenance

SEER ICD-10-CM 2022 Casefinding Code List

Suggested Pathology Data File Specification

System Administration and User Maintenance Policy

User-Initiated Casefinding File Specifications

User Security Definition

System Management

Creating Custom Forms

Multi-State Metafile Feature for Genedits

Treatment Summary and Custom Forms



Enhanced Follow Up Monthly vs Lost To Follow-Up

How to Create Enhanced Follow Up Templates

REDSSON Lost to Follow-Up

Standard 6.5: Follow-up and Entry of Accession Year



Checking Resolutions for Previous Tickets on the HelpDesk

Facility Selection Drop Down Bar

Using the Snipping Tool