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CRStar by Health Catalyst™ provides distinctive cancer registry compliance and informatics services that enable our customers to achieve and exceed their cancer center clinical and business objectives with a goal of improving cancer care for every patient.
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Helping Cancer Centers Achieve More

As custodians of critical cancer registry patient history, we strive to help cancer centers meet and exceed their patient care objectives. Although CRStar’s primary focus is on helping cancer centers and their cancer registry teams collate, track and report on the clinical journey of cancer patients in compliance with the continuously evolving standards, we are also uniquely positioned to help our multiple cancer center stakeholders - including researchers, clinicians, administrators and others - in numerous ways through our informatics capabilities.


Industry Leader

CRStar by Health Catalyst has led cancer registry platform innovation for over 30 years. We were the first to launch a native cloud platform solution more than 10 years back and still lead the industry in our cloud deployment scale and experience. With our flagship cloud-based platform CRStar, we’re continuously innovating to provide our core ODS-C users with the efficiency and accuracy that enables them to excel at their function.

Our Automated Data Exchange (ADE) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules are designed to help ODS-Cs focus on their core responsibilities while serving as a valuable resource for cancer information.

CRStar has also driven innovation by partnering with cancer centers and select best-in-class solution providers to provide rich patient and treatment insights to help manage the best cancer care for every patient.


Serving a Wide Variety of Professionals


A reporting powerhouse of cancer data.
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Oncology Leaders

Powerful reporting to guide hospital growth.
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Frequent software updates with no ongoing maintenance.
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Researchers/ Clinicians

A built-in repository of real-world data (RWD) for patient care, clinical trials, and research.
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Helpful Resources

Interact with us! In these special sections designed specifically for Cancer Registry professionals, find Dr. Frederick R. Greene's Cancer Registry World podcast, our newsletters, news and events and our feature programs that highlight the individuals and organizations that help lead the Cancer Registry mission.

OUr Customers

Leading Health Systems Partner with CRStar

With more than 30 years of proven successes, CRStar has been a strategic partner of more than 750 individual cancer centers and large network system registries, empowering them to achieve their full potential by meeting and exceeding the increasingly regulatory, accreditation and quality reporting requirements while providing insights for enhancing cancer center management.

Latest News

Episode 28: A Conversation with Roshan Prabhu, MD, Director, Proton Therapy Center, Atrium Health

July 2, 2024
This segment of “Cancer Registry World” features Dr. Roshan Prabhu, MD, the Director of the Proton Therapy Center at the Atrium Health - Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Prabhu discusses the application and importance of collecting registry information for patients treated with the relatively new radiation oncology technique of proton therapy. Please enjoy listening and learning!
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Episode 27: A Conversation with Melissa Pearson, ODS-C, NC State Cancer Registry

June 4, 2024
This segment of Cancer Registry World features Melissa Pearson, ODS-C and Manager of Evaluation and Quality at the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry. She discusses the unique role that state cancer registries play in oncology data collection and assessment of the epidemiology of cancer. Please enjoy listening and learning!
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Episode 26: A Conversation with Mary Maul, Education Manager, NCRA

May 7, 2024
In this segment of Cancer Registry World, we welcome Mary Maul, Education Manager for the National Cancer Registrars Association. The discussion focuses on the vast array of educational offerings sponsored by NCRA, the future of in-person meetings in the era of virtual educational opportunities and methodology to assess the quality of educational programming. Please enjoy listening and learning!
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