About ERS

With more than 30 years of proven results in cancer registry solutions and more than 750 cancer centers utilizing our services, CRStar by Health Catalyst is now positioned at the forefront of providing cancer programs with a valuable foundation of data and insights that provide for the best cancer care for every patient.

About Us

CRStar, the industry’s first true cloud-based offering with innovative case-finding, abstracting and informatics capabilities, empowers cancer centers to achieve their full potential by meeting and exceeding increasing regulatory, accreditation and quality reporting requirements while providing insights for enhancing cancer program management. More than a cancer registry and accreditation solution, many of our customers leverage CRStar as a knowledge center of actionable information to help guide key resource management, planning and program growth decisions with an emphasis on quality and research.

We take our responsibility as custodians of cancer patient data very seriously.  Our mission to ensure this data positively impacts the patient journey is real and we are continuously working on measurable and actionable steps that keep us focused and committed to success. 

To accelerate our pathway forward, we’re also collaborating with best-in-class technology partners who provide innovations from NLP, Patient Navigation, Precision Medicine to Multi-disciplinary care platforms.

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Case Study

A busy registry team with six CTRs is consistently 7-8 months behind in their latency of cases abstracted. The team allocates 15% of their resources on casefinding. Data collation is routinely conducted across three separate systems and involves collation of over 35 distinct data points before they begin their analytic development of the abstract.

Upon leveraging ADE to implement a Pathology and a Radiation Oncology interface, the team was able to reduce their casefinding allocation to less than 10% and also automate the transfer of numerous additional data fields – all leading to increased productivity and reduced latency. The benefits outweighed the investments by a factor of 4:1 in the first year.

Leadership Team

Our team is what makes us special. We have been fortunate to have an amazing team of both technology and ODS specialists that have evolved with the cancer registry industry almost since its inception. We are mission oriented and dedicated to the cause of positively impacting the cancer patient journey.