Christi Cox, ODS

Manager, Education
With more than 27 years in the Cancer Registry field, Christi has witnessed firsthand the dynamic evolution of the registry space. Throughout her career, she worked alongside her peers at Atrium Health and Florida Hospital, growing through experience in all aspects of the hospital registry. While abstracting at Syapse, she delved into the realms of genetics, precision medicine, and real-world data. As the former manager of education for CRStar, she presented many webinars, providing education as well as support to the CRStar client base. At the heart of Christi's professional trajectory lies a profound passion for teaching, evident in her role as a mentor to aspiring CTRs and her dedication to guiding others in adapting to new professional environments. Christi resides in North Carolina with her loyal canine companion and cherishes moments spent with her family and friends. Music serves as a constant backdrop to Christi's life, and she believes in the transformative power of gratitude and positivity.