“The CRStar customer service team is outstanding. Submitting a helpdesk ticket is quick and easy and done directly from the program. Callback waiting time is short and impressive. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and stay on the phone with me until they know the issue is completed and I’m happy with the results.” “CRStar is so intuitive that there literally is no learning curve. I was a brand new ODS-C and I picked up CRStar immediately between its menu-driven design and helpful webinars.” “CRStar reporting is critical for our cancer center. We recently wanted to check our NCDB compliancy on colon cancer follow-ups. Within 20 minutes, I had generated multiple reports that enlightened us on some gaps in our processes. We were able to use this information to immediately tighten our program and provide even better cancer care. And that’s what it’s all about.” “While I personally have never used another cancer registry product, we have a consultant who is helping us out and is on a competitive product (Metriq) at her hospital. She was amazed at how much easier CRStar is to use. She’s hoping they will switch soon.”
Toni Terry
ODS-C for Cancer Registry
Providence Hospital
Mobile, AL
“CRStar is a genuine partner whom I rely on as almost an extension of my own department. They keep us current with all of the changing regulations and are genuinely interested in helping customers.”
Marie White
ODS-C, Coordinator of the Cancer Registry
McLeod Health
Florence, SC
“CRStar improves our oncology programs by providing powerful marketing and research data. It truly is a diagnostic tool to identify and drill down on cancer clusters, early detection and causality.”
Carol P. Brown
ODS-C Cancer Program & Physician CME Coordinator
Pardee Cancer Center
Hendersonville, NC
“CRStar’s web-based technology makes working across 5 facilities simple. My team works a majority of their time remotely yet are able to work seamlessly together as a team.”
Joanne Essick
BA, ODS-C System-Wide Registry Operations Manager
Cone Health
Greensboro, NC
“I LOVE the Abstracting module in CRStar. The required abstracting fields which previously were contained in 16 tabs or windows are now consolidated within 5. The flow is intuitive and easier to enter the information without the need to jump back and forth between screens. This alone is a real time-saver.”
Cindy Easterly
RHIT, ODS-C Cancer Registrar
Rochester Regional Health
Rochester, NY
“CRStar has the best customer service of any cancer registry provider. They respond by phone, versus email, to more fully understand and resolve my question. And I never need to follow up. This personal touch customer service is a real rarity in today’s world.”
Juan Gatica
AAS, ODS-C Manager, Cancer Registry Services
TriOnc, Inc.
Lubbock, TX
“CRStar Customer Service is unbelievable. The longest I have ever had to wait is 30 minutes for a call-back. And if an issue requires their Technical team, they respond just as quickly. They remote into my system and resolve the issue minimizing downtime, if any.” “CRStar is truly cutting edge in my opinion. They are always proactively piloting new interfaces to allow us to exchange information between systems. This increases our productivity and eliminates rekeying errors.”
Stephanie McClure
ODS-C (Retired), Supervisor, Cancer Data Services
Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
Newport Beach, CA
“We recently collaborated on new CRStar Dashboard reports for In/Out Migration, Referral Patterns and Top 5 Sites, all of which were requested by our oncology administration and oncologists. The reports are easy to run and well-designed for multi-hospital settings enabling us to look at a single hospital or any combination of our 17 facilities.”
Cathy Rimmer
Director, Cancer Registry Services
Novant Health
Winston-Salem, NC
“Our entire Oncology Center relies on CRStar and the power of its infinite reporting capabilities. Our Cancer Committee uses CRStar’s Quality measures on a quarterly basis to easily identify and quickly resolve any gaps in our care. Our Service Line Director loves the in/out migration analyses especially since we are in a more competitive market. The insight is helping us better market our capabilities.”
Denise Wolfe
Lead ODS-C
Hagerstown, MD
“CRStar and its up-to-the-minute reporting has become an integral part of our cancer center. We extensively use the data to identify potential new clinical trials. In fact, we are in the Commendation range of CoC standards for clinical trials enabling our facility to offer the most progressive treatments for our patients.” “CRStar’s screen layout is both intuitive and easy to read. I’ve used other cancer registry software and found their long scrolling screens to be hard to follow. I much prefer the CRStar workflow.”
Joyce Joseph
ODS-C, Cancer Registry Coordinator
Pearson Cancer Center
Lynchburg, VA
“I manage the cancer registries for 9 hospitals with reporting responsibilities for 2 more. CRStar’s administrator dashboard reports is my #1 go-to tool to manage such a large network. I can see at a glance how each registry is performing with no need to be on-site. I also love that I can see individual results by facility and easily aggregate all facilities for network-wide reporting.” “We recently had one of our Texas hospitals go through the selection process for a cancer registry system. While both systems offered advantages, CRStar won over Metriq for 2 primary reasons – lower bottom line cost and superior reporting capability.”
Caron Likens
ODS-C, Oncology Data Manager
Baylor Scott &White Healthcare System
Dallas, TX
“I can’t say enough good things about CRStar Customer Support. I am consistently contacted within 15 minutes of placing a support ticket. And the reps are extremely knowledgeable. They’re all CTRs and their expertise extends well beyond CRStar to everything about the registry including standards and such.” “CRStar’s custom reports are a breeze. I actually created a mini one-page abstract that allows me to easily share patient information with other facilities. I run a report, and within a matter of minutes, they have all the information they need – all without interrupting my productivity.”
Tonya Davis-Myers, ODS-C, Oncology Data Supervisor
CTR, Oncology Data Supervisor
Blount Memorial Hospital
Maryville, TN