Unlock the potential of your registry data

The cancer registry remains an unlocked repository of curated longitudinal patient data that can be leveraged by clinicians and researchers alike for validated use cases that span the patient journey. CRStar provides the tools to make this data accessible and actionable.

Generating evidence on the use, effectiveness, and safety of new cancer therapies is a priority for researchers, health care providers, and regulators given the rapid pace of change in cancer diagnosis and treatments. Understanding the utilization patterns and outcomes of these new treatments among cancer patients is integral for cancer treatment and research.

Historically, registry data has been considered incomplete, insufficient, or not timely enough for these broader use cases. CRStar empowers cancer centers and registry teams with processes and platform technology to address these perceptions to help extract the value embedded in registry data with the objective of making cancer registry a profit center.


Trends for disease incidence, prevalence and survival with condition, site, and treatment.


Insight into variations in treatment patterns and care delivery across providers and facilities.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance at the hospital or cancer center level.


Generating evidence on the use, effectiveness, and safety of new cancer treatments.


Longitudinal exposure monitoring (post-marketing) for adverse events, safety, outcomes, and survival.