Introducing Our Oncology Partners

At ERS, we strive to provide pathways for better cancer care with distinctive cancer registry services and enhanced insights. Our approach drives us to consistently and continuously collaborate with our customers to help them leverage their registry data to exceed their cancer center clinical and business objectives.

We take our responsibility as custodians of cancer patient data very seriously. Our mission to ensure this data positively impacts the patient journey is real and we are continuously working on measurable and actionable steps that keep us focused and committed to success.
ERS Oncology Partnerships
Improving Care for Cancer Patients

Improving Care for Cancer Patients

To accelerate this pathway forward, we’re collaborating with best-in-class partners who share our vision and provide innovations ranging from NLP solutions to patient navigation, real-world evidence, and multi-disciplinary care platforms.

Our partnerships with HLA-Global, Nursenav, OncoLens and Syapse, expand on CRStar’s abilities in unique ways to provide workflow and abstracting efficiencies while allowing CTRs to focus on the value-added support for their cancer centers.

Our Partners

Valuable cancer data are often expressed as free text reports that cannot easily be exploited by standard analysis methods. HLA-Global specializes in processing cancer clinical documents, such as pathology reports, to enable the extraction of the relevant aspects of the cancer data. Through this partnership, ERS clients can utilize a new Cancer Reportability service that addresses a key area of need for cancer registries. This service leverages HLA-Global’s award winning Clinical NLP technology in a seamless integration with CRStar to assist CTRs with the effort-intensive case finding process.
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For programs desiring to partner oncology navigation with the cancer registry, Nursenav and ERS, Inc. have partnered and established an integration between our flagship solutions, CONNECT and CRStar. This integration benefits our mutual clients by receiving diagnosis and treatment data from CRStar into CONNECT after the abstraction is completed, expediting the time to create a Survivorship Care Plan. Clients also have the option of sending identified cancer cases in the suspense status to CONNECT, providing a patient referral stream for the navigation program. This integration is deployed upon request by our mutual clients, and no local IT involvement is required for the set-up or operation.

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Cancer Centers have their hands full with new NAPBC standards and complex CoC and NAPRC accreditation requirements. Using OncoLens’ Collaboration module and data informatics solutions, Cancer Centers have decreased the time to accreditation by modernizing cancer registry workflows including Conference Management, CoC/NAPBC/NAPRC Accreditation Reporting, Quality Improvement Programs, and Metrics and data extraction from unstructured records or pdf reports. The OncoLens and CRStar integration goes further, saving time by automatically delivering patient tumor board data for cancer registry submission.

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Syapse is a company dedicated to aggregating and harmonizing the full spectrum of oncology data across a network of health systems and hospital partners. Clinical guidelines are rapidly evolving to include molecular testing and targeted therapies, with over 70% of oncology trials today having molecular targets. Despite these clinical advancements, the data to support cancer patients continues to be fragmented, unstructured, and complex. Through our partnerships, Syapse transforms clinical, genomic, and outcomes data into actionable insights to empower your service line to support patient care initiatives, quality programs and optimize clinical trial accruals. The Syapse and CRStar integration empowers our partners to achieve more with their cancer data and improve access to high-quality care, closer to home.

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