Oncology Leaders

Powerful Reporting to Guide Hospital Growth

CRStar provides more than just cancer registry tools to report your facility’s cancer data. It takes that data and transforms it into actionable insight.

Actionable Insights for Cancer Centers

CRStar provides far more than just a cancer registry management solution. We provide you tools to harness the cancer data into a knowledge base for a variety of use cases ranging from utilization management, marketing and competitive insights, to quality and accreditation reporting and much, much more.

Available on demand, In/Out Migration provides graphical reports to help you instantly visualize the patterns of referral and migration of your cancer patients. Easily pinpoint areas to enhance patient retention and follow-up care.

As health systems continue to consolidate for cost advantages, cancer registry reporting remains one of the most powerful tools within your control. Cancer Center leaders use this real-time data to enhance their oncology program. 

Easily pinpoint areas to enhance patient retention and follow-up care.
Track new markets and their potential profitability based on patient migration.
Keep abreast of physician referrals and the reasons behind these lost dollars.
Promote quality of care with critical survivorship data.
Quickly and accurately report on patient outcomes necessary to accreditation.

Dashboard  Reporting

Identify and track trends with real-time reports delivered directly to your personalized dashboard.

Virtual Access for Reduced Overhead

Easy access to virtually located ODS-Cs, clinicians, researchers, navigators and other personnel who would benefit from CRStar’s cloud-based access.

Lower Cost to Manage

CRStar provides frequent user updates without the need to involve onsite IT staff. CRStar also interfaces with all major EMRs and other relevant medical systems eliminating redundant entry and lost productivity while facilitating the flow of health information exchange.

HIPAA Compliant

In keeping with evolving healthcare security and privacy regulations, CRStar is fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations.