Our NLP capabilities are exclusively focused on use cases oriented towards oncology and incorporates contextual semantic capabilities specific to evolving cancer registry standards such as NAACCR.

As is the case with many aspects of healthcare informatics standards, the usage of various standards and terminology seem to vary across various data sources. Pathology reports – one of the key data sources for cancer registry services certainly embodies this variability and represents our first NLP Implementation. The intent of this solution is to reduce the manual effort associated with casefinding and resulting coding of cancer cases.

The service is seamlessly incorporated within CRStar’s cloud infrastructure.

  • NLP capabilities will analyze incoming HL7 data streams and deliver the derived output into the CRStar suspense workflow
  • Minimizes the analytic work necessary to contextually determine the coded outputs of Histology, Site, Grade, Behavior, and Laterality
  • The service is currently offered in conformity with the definitions defined by the current NAACCR Standards