Virtual Workplace

HIPAA Compliant

Cloud Computing


Frequent Software Updates with No Ongoing Maintenance

CRStar provides cancer registry programs with a cost-effective pathway to achieve the stable, secure, fault-tolerant environment required in the healthcare market. As software as a service, CRStar’s cloud-based technology minimizes start-up time and ongoing costs while offering convenient access from any internet-enabled location.

CRStar also provides frequent user updates without the need to involve on-site IT staff. CRStar also interfaces with all of the major EMRs and other relevant medical systems eliminating redundant entry and lost productivity while facilitating the flow of health information exchange.

CRStar reduces the total cost of operation for the hospital by provisioning all the servers, operating systems, security, storage and backup resources at data centers located in the United States.  Massive scalability and reliability provide our users with the option to start with only the capacity they need and add additional resources at a low fixed and predictable cost as their needs expand.

In keeping with universal healthcare standards, CRStar is fully compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

Convenient User Access

CRStar software can be accessed from any location with a high-speed connection enabling virtual users at various in-house, home or outsourced facilities to communicate and work as a team.

Industry Standards

CRStar uses industry standards such as SQL Server, HTML5/CSS, Javascript, and .NET technologies to deliver a superior and secure application to any device.


All servers are housed at a SOC-II certified data center with multiple levels of 24/7 security including monitored key card access, video surveillance and on-site physical walkthroughs. Our team ensures a secure data transmission using SSL 256-bit encryption with Transparent Data Encryption of data at rest. We operate with the highest levels of application security with multi-level passwords and authentication, read-only data access, and system administrator controlled access to menus and screens. Automatic backups are run nightly and hourly with point-in-time recovery.