Happy Holidays from ERS!

It’s that time again – and I do hope most of you have had the opportunity to begin imbibing aspects of the Holiday cheer as you close out your objectives for the year.

As you may have heard, a lot has happened with ERS in 2023. We are now a part of Health Catalyst (NASDAQ: HCAT), the leading healthcare analytics solution provider in the US. Many of you already use their products and services in some form, and we believe we now have the opportunity to continue to expand on the value we deliver to our cancer registry customers.

We believe that this event will catalyze our efforts in driving towards our singular mission towards improving cancer care in ways that we hadn’t considered possible. We will continue to innovate as we always have, and also continue to be focused and aspirational in our path forward. In our own way, we have played a part in elevating the cancer registry to the attention it deserves within your organizations and beyond. And we are not done …

In the days to come, we look forward to continuing our engagement with you as we always have. We also look forward to opportunities to introduce you to our new colleagues at Health Catalyst. Together, we look forward to making new strides with our ongoing collaboration in 2024.

Have a great Holiday Season!


Rohit Nayak
ERS, a Health Catalyst Company