Happy Holidays from ERS!

I sincerely hope this message finds you in good cheer and health since that is what the Holiday Season embodies. That said, I know there are always exceptions – and I’m intentionally skipping the topic that has consumed our lives for almost three years and which I know has impacted every one of us in some form or another.

It’s been four years since I joined the ERS team – and as I like to say, I’m still learning something new almost every day about the world we live in. 2022 has been a year of accomplishments for the ERS team where we’ve pushed the boundaries of what we believed was possible across several topics and dimensions.

We’ve grown and continue to grow in ways that we hope will continue to earn your trust in our partnership and in our singular mission to impact cancer care. We’ve continued to innovate, as you’ve begun to expect from us, with new technology and services that underlie our mission. Our integrations across various information sources as well as partner solutions continue to expand and deliver proof-points of success. Our recent collaboration with NurseNav is aligned with our mission to improve care for every cancer patient. This builds upon our prior collaboration with Oncolens and HLA Global, the latter driving uniquely differentiated NLP technology for ERS. We also appreciate your partnership and patience when we stumble as we launch new capabilities. Making our way together through difficult patches is what makes our partnership strong and reinforces the ERS team’s unrelenting passion for customer satisfaction. On that note, our Net Promoter Score (NPS) continues to rank at world-class levels. Thank you!

From a team perspective, we were pleased to welcome Nicki Skipper into our fold. Trained as a CTR, Nicki started as a Client Advocate Specialist, though in her short tenure has already led a couple of important initiatives for ERS. More recently, Katie Sharp also joined our team as an Administrative Associate. Both Nicki and Katie bring their diverse experience and background to strengthen the team.

On a broader level, as our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Frederick Greene continues to make his mark in ways that only he can. In addition to leading our active Advisory Board, Dr. Greene has also made great strides with the Cancer Registry World podcast, our industry’s first and only forum exclusively focused on the Cancer Registry. I’m happy to report that it has gained a rapidly growing following – as it should. We’ve always maintained that we can all do better at espousing the value of what we do. Dr. Greene’s podcast is doing wonders on that front.  To that end, supporting CTR development has also been a focus of ERS’s philanthropic efforts, and we’ve made great strides in supporting many of the CTR educational institutions over the past few years.

As I mentioned before, our mission - to provide pathways for better cancer care through cancer registry services and enhanced insights - keeps us focused and aspirational. Our passion to continuously learn and be curious will undoubtedly keep us innovating. As we all know, we can’t rest on our past accomplished achievements – and as Robert Frost eloquently penned, we have “miles to go.” I’m sure this is true for every one of the teams and organizations connected with ERS.

We look forward to making new strides in our ongoing collaboration in 2023.

Have a great Holiday Season!


Rohit Nayak, CEO