Webinar Materials

Please note:

  • CRStar will continue to export to the state and RCRS/CoC in NAACCR v22. All standard setters are still capable of receiving this file format. There is no need to exclude 2023 diagnosis cases from exports. These can be exported in v22 layout.
  • CRStar plans to implement v23 layouts with the May 2023 upgrade. At that time users will have the v23 metafiles available only if the state for the facility is currently accepting v23 layouts. For states not yet accepting v23, users will not see v23 metafiles for selection.
  • ERS highly recommends all users read through the NAACCR Implementation guidelines to ensure that you understand all changes occuring during the v23 Implementation. The intention of this webinar is to review this information on a broad scale as well as highly CRStar specific changes that will occur due to the implementation, however, the NAACCR Implementation Guidelines is a vital resource that every user should read.