A Reporting Powerhouse of Cancer Data

CRStar is one of your oncology program’s most powerful tools for treating cancer and improving patient outcomes. With an intuitive workflow, time-saving productivity aids and robust reporting that can report on every field, CRStar enables CTRs to efficiently abstract while freeing up time for research and other vital tasks.

Integral to CRStar’s cloud-based design is the convenience and flexibility to work from any location and still integrate with such industry productivity tools as survivorship care plans, electronic follow-up and automated EMR casefinding.

Abstract more efficiently with logical case design.
Create 3D Graphical reports and charts for easy physician referral, presentations, and annual reports.
Utilize the Quick Follow-Up feature to automatically enter Outcomes data.
Create custom reports in seconds using point and click filters.
Easily adapt the technology to your needs with 112 user-defined fields . . . all of which are customizable and reportable.
Color code fields to identify facilities, treatments, required fields and more.

Dashboard  Reporting

On demand, real-time 3D reports delivered to your dashboard tracks key performance indicators.

User-Friendly Workflow

CRStar organizes and consolidates screens for faster, more efficient abstracting.

Work Virtually as a Team

CRStar’s cloud-based technology allows CTRs across facilities to easily interact and deliver network-wide or facility-specific reporting.

Responsive Support

CTR-certified support staff serve as your partner – and extension of your team – in answering questions, problem-solving, staying abreast of standards and more. You can rely on ERS to be there for you and your cancer registry needs.