Clinical Corner - June 2021

Welcome to this first installment of the “Clinical Corner” which will be a feature of our ERS Newsletter each month. It is such a privilege and honor for me to join the ERS team as the Chief Medical Officer. In this role, I plan to highlight the important clinical responsibility and issues that our registrars face in the management of cancer patients. My desire is also to be a resource for all of the readers of our Newsletter when you need help with clinical issues that affect our registry use and the entire team.

One of my goals is to help create an ERS Advisory Board that will represent our ERS-user institutions and will serve as a forum for looking at ways to strengthen our software and enhance opportunities to join with other technologies to streamline the workflow for all cancer registrars. I had an opportunity to discuss some of my thoughts during the recently concluded ERS exhibit at the NCRA virtual annual meeting.

Those of you who know me also know that I am an unabashed supporter of all cancer registrars! You provide and collate the data that are the underpinnings of all clinical cancer management and clinical cancer research. One of the missions of ERS is to provide the most efficient and up to date registry software products that will aid you and, in turn, drive all of cancer care.

Future “Clinical Corner” offerings will highlight new cancer management strategies and concepts that are important to our current and future institutions using ERS products. As I begin this new and exciting venture as Chief Medical Officer, it will be my joy to represent the ERS team whenever and wherever clinical information is needed. My excitement and commitment come from the realization that all of you will accompany me on this journey!