Embracing Change – Transition to RCRS

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We had numerous questions asked during and after the webinar that were very similar in nature.

The following are some general statements that will answer a wide variety of these questions:

  • The RCRS User’s Manual is available to all registered RCRS users within the RCRS Library. Specific instructions for building all reports are provided within that document along with FAQs.
  • Questions regarding your facility’s actual data (not displaying what you expect, etc) should be directed to the NCDB.
  • ERS/CRStar clients will be provided specific instructions about selecting “all sites” RCRS populations and creating RCRS exports in January.

Q – Under operational reports, I don’t have an option for a submission detail report. Only alert report, case log report, quality measures report & comparison reports.

A – Christi Cox – This report is available via link from the Submission History report, instructions on page 8 of the RCRS User manual from the RCRS Library.

Q – How will surveyors grade NCDB submissions?

A – Dr. Greene – Surveyors do not grade the NCDB submissions. These are graded by NCDB staff. Hopefully, this information will be communicated soon by the NCDB.

Q – Do the edits have to be corrected in our registry software and then submitted to RCRS??

A – Christi Cox – Internal (registry software) edits should always be cleared when completing an abstract, then after submission, any edit errors that are displayed in RCRS should be rectified in the registry software and the case resubmitted.

Q – Do you know when will the INCP roll up versions be available? 

A – Christi Cox – No, specifics of this are not included in the current timelines, but they have stated that the “Goal is to have all child data rolled up into parent view” and “All data will continue to be submitted at child level.”

Q – There are only 9-11 measures visible in dashboard and reports, compared to CP3R with 23 measures.  Are they going to include those missing measures soon?

A – Christi Cox – The surveillance measures have been excluded from RCRS. You can find more info in the CAnswer Forum Post labeled “Surveillance Measures” dated 10/12/2020.

Q – Should we be running our 2021 data through GenEdits before submitting to RCRS or use the edits within RCRS?

A – Christi Cox – Based on the instructions from the NCDB, there is no expectation for facilities to do this prior to submitting to RCRS.  Internal (registry software) edits should always be cleared when completing an abstract, then after submission. Any edit errors that are displayed in RCRS should be rectified in the registry software and the case resubmitted.

Q – Is there a report and/or view you’d recommend that would facilitate our reporting to CoC?  Also, it looks like CoC standard 6.4 will change to RCRS – any significant changes to that standard? 

A – Christi Cox – ERS will provide updated Select a Population and export instructions for clients in January.  CoC is changing Standard 6.4 to include – Monthly submissions 2021 – All new and updated cases submitted – Present twice a calendar year and documented in CC minutes (this is from bullet points in the recent STORE updates webinar.

Q – What is the status of the templates that CoC is creating for Epic and Cerner?

A – Dr. Greene – Templates for synoptic operative reporting are being developed for institutional use. More details can be found on the CSSP website via the following links: ACoS Cancer Program Top Stories and Cancer Surgery Standards Program.

Q – Since breast and colon needed to be submitted within 3 months, will that also be the case for all other disease sites?

A – Christi Cox – Eventually, yes.  I have not seen a specific timeline from the NCBD on how/ when exactly the concurrent (rapid) reporting guidelines will be implemented for other sites, only that beginning in Jan 2021 all sites should be submitted.

Q – Why did the CoC phase out adding exclusions to cases?  This feature was very helpful when presenting data to our cancer committee.

A – Christi Cox – There is a post in the CAnswer Forum labeled “Exclusions” dated 10/6/2020, and another labeled “Exceptions in RCRS” dated 11/3/2020 that offer some explanation.

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