A Tribute to Sally Kruse, CTR

by Melanie Rogan, CTR

Director, Growth & Strategic Services

The entire staff of ERS would like to pay tribute to one special lady! Sally Kruse, CTR, officially retired from ERS on December 29, 2021. Sally had retired from her full time position in April of 2016 and then nine short months later asked if she could come back part time, to which our team readily agreed!

Sally began her career with ERS in 1995. She talked the founder and CEO, Ashok Ramaswamy into hiring her since, as she put it, she was already selling the software for free to anyone who would listen. From there, Sally spread the word about this relatively new and small company and steadily contributed to its growth over the years. Sally has mentored many CTRs during her career, including myself!  When I was hired in 1998, Sally immediately took me under her wing and readily shared her knowledge with me and quickly became not just my manager, but my lifelong friend.

Sally has held numerous volunteer positions with the Florida Cancer Registrars Association as well as the National Cancer Registrars Association, including president of both associations and multiple board of directors and committee positions. She was awarded the NCRA Volunteer Excellence Award in 2010 and the NCRA Distinguished Member Award in 2014. During the time Sally mentored me, she taught me not just about the ERS software and company procedures, but about Cancer Registry professionalism and the importance of giving back to the profession as a volunteer!

Sally was a born educator and served as the ERS Manager of Education for many years, preparing webinars and documentation for ERS customers. In addition to educating ERS customers, Sally presented on numerous occasions for her state association as well as NCRA.  Sally has always had a passion for data analytics. For everyone that she has helped with report requests, they knew that Sally could make the computer sing with reports!

On a personal note, Sally Kruse is one of the most caring and giving people I have ever encountered and I am certain that everyone who knows Sally will agree. She will greatly be missed by the ERS family! She truly is a Cancer Registry legend and the GOAT! I recently heard that Merrill Streep did not know what the acronym “GOAT” meant when a fellow actor and co-star used it in reference to her,  so I feel I should explain. GOAT stands for “Greatest Of All Time”!

Throughout the years, I have heard many people say, “I want to be like Sally.” Here is an article written 6 years ago after Sally’s first retirement and posted in the Florida Sun Times that says exactly that!

Thank you Sally for everything you have done throughout your career for cancer registrars, ERS, for me personally and for everyone else you have trained and mentored. Happy retirement! Relax, get some rest, and above all have fun!