Cancer Registry Best Practices

Redsson Integration

Tips for Using Redsson

  • Depending on your circumstance, you can supplement Redsson with your own follow-up or rely on Redsson for 100% of your follow-up.
  • If you continue to do Follow-Up yourself, use Redsson for the most hard-to-find cases.
  • Always run 2 to 3 months before a CoC survey
  • Run once or twice a year

While ERS supports 3rd party integration, the company does not endorse 3rd party tools.


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Integration with Redsson Follow-Up More Than Pays for Itself

A large multi-state healthcare network with 15 hospitals reporting 9000+ cases per year recently shared their best practice of integration with Redsson for cancer follow-up.

The Challenge – Maintaining Follow-Up of a 30-Year-Old Registry Yielding High Costs with Limited Results

Four years ago, this healthcare network was generating up to 4,000 cancer follow-up letters every month. With their cancer registry established in 1987, they had the formidable task of reporting on 30 years of cancer care. As a result, 4 to 5 valuable resources were redirected to stuffing and mailing letters every month with only a 5 to 10% usable response rate. And they employed 2 part time resources dedicated to follow-up and still went through this every month!

The Catalyst – CoC Accreditation was Jeopardized

While begrudgingly accepting the monthly mailings, the catalyst came when preparing for a CoC survey in March of 2013. The Director of Cancer Registry Services discovered that their Follow-Up Rate had fallen below the requirement . . . overnight! Contacting ERS, Support discovered that the previous year was an election year providing dates of contact for “lost” patients.

The Director quickly mobilized with 18 resources working 18 hour days to gather follow-up. Nurses were even calling patients! The Director explained the situation to the CoC when they arrived and they gave them until the end of the site visits’ 2nd day to meet the requirement. Fortunately, they crossed the line 2 hours before the end of the CoC visit and dodged a deficiency. That’s when the Director said, “No more!” I’m contacting Redsson.

Redsson Integration – Results Without Additional Staff

The Director actually turned to Redsson on the advice of a peer who managed a one-hospital registry. The peer chose to use Redsson for 100% of their follow-up versus “losing the battle” for more staffing.

Within 2 weeks, ERS had already created the Import and Export file and Redsson was readying their end. The entire process was smooth and without interruption. Today, the healthcare network still retains its’ 2 part time resources dedicated to Follow-Up and supplements their efforts with twice a year Redsson searches.

The Director purchased up to 8000 names and reserves Redsson follow-up for only the most difficult cases. She runs a report from ERS, uploads it to Redsson who matches it against their big data, and within 2 weeks she has the results of updated addresses and date of death, where applicable, which is seamlessly imported into ERS updating the records.

The results are impressive. She’s seen a 5 – 6% jump in their follow-up rate from a single Redsson run. She’s also saving money by not redirecting 4 – 5 people every month to stuffing mail and then reviewing the responses for usable information. These days, there are no more surprise dips in their Follow-Up Rates and the entire staff is a lot happier!

How ERS Can Help – Create an Import & Export File for Seamless Integration

ERS stands ready to help with any and all integration that can increase your cancer registry’s productivity. Simply create a Support ticket asking for the integration. Within 2 weeks, ERS will supply both an import and export file ready for Redsson’s use. Call us anytime!