March 28, 2022


Dear CRStar customers,

It’s been about a year since my last note which I believe was focused on the pandemic circumstance, and unbelievably is still a relevant topic. My attention with this letter, however, is on a different dimension.

By the time you read this, all of you will have transitioned to our new CRStar platform. I wanted to first acknowledge and thank our early adopters who patiently spent time with us to ensure we ironed out the early kinks that often occur with any new solution.

Many of you may have been asking as to why we did this and particularly, why now? As you all know, we are a technology company – and one with aspirational goals to uplift the cancer registry community while positively and measurably impacting the patient journey. In order to do this, we recognized the need to upgrade our platform – a task necessary to implement the many features and capabilities that you are yet to see.

As most of you know, these things are not easy, and the technology team has been hard at work for almost 18 months on this project. It pains us viscerally that this process hasn’t been as smooth as we had envisioned despite all our efforts, and I’d like to apologize for that. Our team is hard at work and is committed to providing a flawless experience while providing the best possible outcome. As context, our plan was to complete most of this before the March Call for Data and subsequently also deploy the V22 capabilities. We delayed our plans when we discovered some unforeseen issues and subsequently also decided against deploying V22 because of the variability in State Registry readiness and potential conflicts with the NCDB Call for Data. I’m happy to report that we are now beyond the majority of the uncertainties thanks to the tremendous efforts of our team as well as the incredible collaboration we’ve experienced with many of you. I’ve no doubt you will be pleased with the capabilities we will be deploying in the months to come.

On a positive note, we are a few short weeks from the NCRA conference in Washington D.C. and I hope to see most of you there. Please do make it a point to visit us at our booth – either in person or virtually.



Rohit Nayak, CEO