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I. Navigation (5:08)

a. Logging in and out
b. Main menu
c. Changing the hospital (for MH systems)

II. Dashboard (6:40)

a. Review of reports available, refreshing, etc.
b. Dashboard configuration

III. Abstract Management (28:44)

 Lookup, Suspense, and Non-Reportable Cases

a. Lookup
b. Entering a Suspense Case
c. Entering a Non-Reportable Case
d. Running a Suspense Report

IV. Abstract Management (102:21)

Entering an Abstract

a. Lookup
b. Entering a Suspense Case
c. Entering a Non-Reportable Case
d. Running a Suspense Report

V. Abstract Utilities (27:06)

a. Print Abstract
b. Print TX summary
c. Delete an abstract
d. Copy keys
e. Combine patients

VI. Follow Up Management (58:10)

a. FU List & Letters
b. On Demand
c. Lost to follow up
d. New letter template
e. Custom forms

VII. Reporting (54:52)

Select a Pop

VIII. Reporting (10:49)

Canned Reports – Incidence

a. All incidence including site distribution

IX. Reporting (10:43)

Canned Reports – Treatment

a. RX Combo
b. RX Distribution

X. Reporting (9:32)

Canned Reports – Survival

XI. Reporting (18:10)

CPM Reports

a. Accession Reg
b. MPI
c. Request log
d. Quality measures

XII. Reporting (37:04)


a. Graph a Pop
b. List Pop
c. XTab
d. Report for a file

XIII. Reporting (10:12)


a. Productivity
b. Timeliness
c. Age by sex
d. Stage by sex
e. TNM

XIV. Reporting (32:34)

Data Exports

a. State
c. Journey Forward

XV. Reporting Utilities (3:53)

a. Clear populations

XVI. System Administration (10:33)

Data Management

a. Global change
b. Import – merge
c. Mass Delete

XVII. System Administration (35:03)


a. Global Dictionary
i. Color coding & shading
ii. User defined fields
b. Import configuration
c. Database validation

XVIII. System Management (19:43)

a. Hospitals
b. Registrars
c. Physicians
d. Physician roster
e. Initialize accession numbers

XIX. Preferences (8:02)


a. Setting edits
b. Dual state reporting

XX. Help (19:26)

CRStar Help Desk aka ConnectWise

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