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One Healthcare Group …                            One Centralized Cancer Registry

With today’s fast-paced and unyielding trend towards hospital and healthcare system consolidation, the market need for aggregate cancer care reporting is expanding. CRStar can help.

CRStar Integrates Cancer Data Across All Hospitals for System-Wide Analytics, Reporting and Marketing

A pioneer in this area for the last 20 years, ERS provides enterprise integration to 87 healthcare groups aggregating anywhere from 2 to 18 hospitals within a single cancer registry database.

Among other things, aggregate cancer registry data has helped users better target community outreach services, identify gaps in physician/surgeon staffing, market their cancer care treatment facilities and so much more.

Enterprise Integration Offers System-Wide Benefits

Shared Cases Across Facilities – Talk about a productivity enhancer! Shared cases facilitiate patient sharing by enabling one facility to update a patient record which then automatically updates other facilities with the same patient. CTRs can also copy and paste a complete abstract of patients receiving services across facilities with only a few fields left to complete.

Shared CTR Resources – Enterprise integration solves today’s dilemma of finding experienced CTRs and other staffing to handle peak demands, employee leaves, etc. Resources can be cross-trained and shared across the enterprise at a moment’s notice. Goodbye lengthy approval processes, additional training and potential case backlogs.

Virtual Training Ground – With the majority of CTR and other resources working remotely, a centralized cancer registry provides a virtual training ground. Staffing can see and share the case data enabling senior employees — across locations — to virtually train and mentor newer resources as they need help, especially with little-seen or newly diagnosed cancers.

More Accurate, Aggregate Reporting – Not only does enterprise integration offer fast, easy system-wide analytics, it also enhances accuracy by automatically eliminating duplicate patients, cases and records. Equally as important, separate facility reporting is still intact, offering accurate snapshots at the individual facility(s) and corporate level.

Facility and Corporate Dashboard Reporting – CRStar’s signature dashboard reporting can provide a snapshot of one facility, any combination of facilities or system-wide metrics.

Cost Savings – As healthcare continues to search for cost containment that does not affect quality patient care, enterprise technology solutions can offer tangible cost savings. In addition to the many benefits listed here, CRStar enterprise integration can offer users as much as a 15% to 25% cost savings over individual registries.

An Enterprise Solution that Adapts to YOUR Structure

CRStar’s enterprise solution is scalable, allowing healthcare systems to integrate facilities as needed without additional investment. More importantly, CRStar adapts to your preferred organizational structure. You can operate as one centralized registry or maintain individual registries with a shared database. This allows you to customize each registry to your specific needs but still enjoy the previously noted shared benefits. 

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