ERS Case Studies

ERS is pleased to present a series focused on Cancer Registry Best Practices.

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Integration with Redsson Follow-Up More Than Pays for Itself

A large multi-state healthcare network with 15 hospitals reporting 9000+ cases per year recently shared their best practice of integration with Redsson for cancer follow-up.

The Challenge – Maintaining Follow-Up of a 30-Year-Old Registry Yielding High Costs with Limited Results

Four years ago, this healthcare network was generating up to 4,000 cancer follow-up letters every month. With their cancer registry established in 1987, they had the formidable task of reporting on 30 years of cancer care. As a result, 4 to 5 valuable resources were redirected to stuffing and mailing letters every month with only a 5 to 10% usable response rate.

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Registrars: Why We Do What We Do

As registrars, we are dedicated to our profession and strive for excellence. We believe in the value of our work, yet rarely see the impact of our efforts. Society promotes quantity – we endorse quality. However, with large volumes of work attached to stringent deadlines, we often feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We find ourselves wondering if we, as registrars, are really making a difference in this fight against cancer. Is there value in the cases we abstract?

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Enterprise Reporting & Analytics

With today’s fast-paced and unyielding trend towards hospital and healthcare system consolidation, the market need for aggregate cancer care reporting is expanding. CRStar can help.

A pioneer in this area for the last 20 years, ERS provides enterprise integration to 87 healthcare groups aggregating anywhere from 2 to 18 hospitals within a single cancer registry database.

Among other things, aggregate cancer registry data has helped users better target community outreach services, identify gaps in physician/surgeon staffing, market their cancer care treatment facilities and so much more.

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Import Helps Automate Patient Outcome Research

We’re all looking for time-saving tools that can enhance our productivity and accuracy. ERS offers a wonderful time-saving import that can assist cancer facilities with identifying eligible reportable cases for capture in the registry database while assisting with monitoring patient outcomes.

What’s more, the ERS Casefinding and Follow-Up Import is Free to all CRStar users.

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