Wow!  I don’t think we had any idea that we’d still be talking about COVID in December 2021. We seem to have all adjusted to this new circumstance as a way of life, hopefully untouched by the extreme effects of the virus to date. Remarkably, it’s also been three years since I joined the ERS team, with almost two years in this new circumstance now.

All said, the year has been kind to us at ERS.  While we have certainly put in the effort, it is gratifying to see the results in terms of our expanded engagement with our current customers as well as our growing number of customers. This also brings new responsibilities – and inevitably, increased expectations.  Which is why we continue to push ourselves to continue to improve, continue to innovate, with the goal of consistently exceeding these higher expectations.

This year, we started tracking our NPS (Net Promoter Score) to measure and quantify customer satisfaction. Many of you have responded to these surveys, I’m sure. I’m proud to share that we’ve achieved a consistent high score in the mid 80’s – which is classified as “world class”. We always knew our team’s unrelenting passion for servicing our customers, but it’s very satisfying to get the supporting evidence.

In keeping with our ambitions, we continue to expand our team as well. Dr. Frederick Greene joined us as our Chief Medical Officer earlier in the summer.  Aside from his extensive qualifications and experience as a surgical oncologist and much more, most of us know him for his passion for all things related to the cancer registry, whether it is about standards, accreditation, and importantly – as a supporter of the CTR community. We are thrilled to have him as a part of our team, and also looking forward to our experiences with the many initiatives he has kicked off, including the ERS Advisory Board.  Most recently, Amy Arnold joined as Manager, Strategic Services. Also a CTR, Amy has extensive background as a consultant managing client projects with accreditation and more. Amy will manage our education program in addition to other special projects.

Back in June, we announced our partnership with HLA Global to provide NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities to support Case Finding and more – and are closer than ever to launching this with a couple of customers. We’ve also made significant strides towards integrations with Tumor Board (Oncolens) and Patient Navigation (NurseNav) software as a part of our continuing drive to make an impact on the patient journey.

And the standards don’t stop changing, do they?  We’ve made a mark across the industry to be the leader in adapting these standards and v22 will be no different. We are always looking for ways to engage with our cancer centers – particularly in helping them leverage their registry data foundation. Please reach out if you’d like to do more in this arena.

This is an exciting time for ERS and our customers and there’s a lot more I could share. Our plate is undoubtedly full and you’ll learn more in the next few months. To our clients, friends, and well-wishers – we couldn’t do what we do without your collaboration.

We humbly recognize the role we play in cancer and cancer research, and we are continually striving to do better. Our mission, to provide pathways for better cancer care through cancer registry services and enhanced insights, keeps us both focused and aspirational.  Our passion to continuously learn and be curious will undoubtedly keep us innovating. We look forward to engaging with all of you in our shared vision for improved cancer care for all patients.


Rohit Nayak, CEO