This has been a remarkable year in many respects. While this note is intended to be a reflection of the company and our team over the past year, it’s hard to do so without first acknowledging the trying year it has been for all of us individually – with some more fortunate than others. As I like to say, there’s a personal story behind each of us, one that typically stays behind the scenes in our professional lives. To each and every one of us, I’d like to first start by acknowledging your partnership and support – whether a client, friend, or simply a well-wisher. We couldn’t do what we do without your collaboration.

We humbly recognize the role we play in cancer and cancer research, and we are continually striving to do better. Our mission, to provide pathways for better cancer care through cancer registry services and enhanced insights, keeps us both focused and aspirational. 2020 has been a good year for ERS – and this is largely due to the fortitude of the ERS team and the customers we serve. We’ve also grown the family: we’ve had two weddings and there’s a baby on the way.

Jonathan Rakestraw joined us in January as a Client Advocate Specialist. He has made a mark for himself within a short period of time as a valuable member of our team, always willing to take the extra step when needed. He was most recently a part of the Oncology Informatics team at Cone Health in Greensboro, NC., with a wide range of responsibilities.

We’re also pleased that we’ve been able to expand our user base and have been gratified by the many who share our passion for excellence. We are humbled by the support and passion of many who carry the ERS flag – and we remain committed to continue to deliver on exceeding your expectations consistently. We’ve set expanded goals for ourselves and will be working hard to achieve and exceed these.

One of the areas we staked out early on was to leverage our leadership position to engage and collaborate with our customers and standard setters. We’ve made a lot of progress on this front – but we cannot stop now and look forward to continuing our progress. We worked with some of our customers to make a statement on data collection for COVID early on, and emphasized the changing NAACCR 2021 standards and RCRS with our ERS Webinar Series. This included emphasis on quality with enhanced support and education for CoC, NAPBC and NAPRC accreditation. We’re also constantly looking for areas where we can support our customers holistically – often beyond the scope of the software solution as was evident with our recent emphasis on Florida State reporting to reduce redundant steps. Our association with some CTR educational institutions has been especially gratifying.

I’ll skip listing the many software enhancements that we’ve done, but I’d like to commend the ERS team on continually enhancing our product management processes to continue to deliver value. We constantly strive to get it right the first time – and our monthly software update cadence allows us to stay current with all the changing standards and continuously improve our service. We clearly cannot do this without your engagement and partnership. For those that have engaged with our many surveys and questionnaires – thank you!

Our near-term emphasis areas remain consistent: continue to enhance the user experience accounting for all changing, sometime onerous reporting needs, emphasize the value of and encourage deployment of automated data exchange, and continue to incorporate new advances in technology (e.g. NLP) where appropriate. Our passion to continuously learn and be curious will undoubtedly keep us innovating.

The term “virtual” has had new importance for us all this year – conferences, meetings, training, socializing, and much, much, more. I’ve completed my second year with the ERS team and I continue to learn a lot, in terms of possibilities, as well as opportunities to make ourselves more impactful. While my efforts to meet and connect with our customers and partners has been limited this year, that will hopefully change soon. We anticipate an even more eventful 2021 and look forward to engaging with all of you in our shared vision for improved cancer care for all patients.


Rohit Nayak, CEO