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CRStar Insights


AJCC Basis and Impact on Reports

Cancer & Breast Program Maintenance Screens

Combining Patients

CRStar Best Practices: A Training Guide for New Users

Disease ID for AJCC Staging (8th Edition)

Entering Non-Reportable Cases

Extranodal Lymphomas

Interactive Edits

Mouseless Navigation and Hot Keys

New Survivorship Care Plan Templates

QA Form

Post Therapy Staging Breast 2018

Print Abstract Full Version

Rapid Abstract

Rectal Program Maintenance Screen

SEER Drug & Regimen Lookups & Treating Physician Fields

V22 Software Update



2021 RCRS Submissions

Clearing Selected Populations

CoC Quality of Care Measures

Cross Tab – Recurrence Type

Data Completeness Report QA

Exporting Text to Excel

Field Index Numbers – Illustrated List

Field Index Numbers – Excel List

Marketing Cancer Registry Data

NAACCR Abbreviations and Reporting

Preparing for the 2022 NCDB Call for Data

Pulling Cancer Conference Data Utilizing Cross Tabs

RCRS Transition

RQRS Selection and Export

Selecting Cases for Quality Control Standard 6.1

Selecting Shared Cases in a Multi-Hospital System

Splitting Report Fields in Excel

Using the Correct Date in Reports

Using Limiting Values in a List Pop Report

Using Scrolling Field Index Numbers

Utilizing Reports for Cancer Awareness Months

Utilizing Report Labels for Report Requests


System Admin

CRStar Audit Trails

Duplicate Case Data Validation Report & Combining Duplicates

Import Configuration Features

Import Reports

Security Maintenance

SEER ICD-10-CM 2022 Casefinding Code List

Suggested Pathology Data File Specification

System Administration and User Maintenance Policy

User-Initiated Casefinding File Specifications

User Security Definition

System Management

Creating Custom Forms

Multi-State Metafile Feature for Genedits

Treatment Summary and Custom Forms



Enhanced Follow Up Monthly vs Lost To Follow-Up

How to Create Enhanced Follow Up Templates

REDSSON Lost to Follow-Up



Checking Resolutions for Previous Tickets on the HelpDesk

CoC Accredited Flag

Facility Selection Drop Down Bar

Using the Snipping Tool